The Grater Good



Choose either the traditional or adventurous route!

Traditional is a mix of perfectly aged cheddar's and Gouda's along with other familiar, local favorites! 

The Adventurous platter is just that- a mixture of the classics PLUS fun, tasty cheeses that challenge the taste buds while providing award winning flavor from local artisans.

Cheeses come perfectly paired with nuts, dried and fresh fruits, something pickled, and a detailed description of everything you're eating!

Cheese + Charcuterie

Choose between the traditional or adventurous cheese route, and then add meat! Local meats from local sources, the perfect savory addition to any cheese platter

Bread + Crackers
A collection of hand selected bread and crackers to complete your platter experience! Gluten Free crackers available upon request.
Schedule a time to pickup your platter at the farm, free of charge.  Deliver price depends upon location.  Check out our list of delivery ranges and contact us to schedule a drop off time!

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